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имя существительное
  • official paper
  • legal paper
  • certificate
  • deed
  • contract
  • legal agreement
  • instrument
  • indenture
  • record
  • register
  • report
  • log
  • chronicle
  • archive
  • put on record
  • write down
  • detail
  • note
  • describe

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • документ document paper instrument writing record deed
  • текст text word version document book
  • свидетельство certificate evidence testimony witness document attestation
  • документировать document
  • снабжать документами document
  • подтверждать документами document

примеры использования

  • The document was silent on this but there was no other explanation.
  • The document explained how far into debt, principally to Lord Shonda of Vespinarr, the lords of Xican had allowed themselves to fall in order to buy these men.
  • I need you to document all of this and tell me precisely what is required and in what quantities and why and what it is for.

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