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имя существительное
  • contest
  • competition
  • game
  • tournament
  • event
  • trial
  • test
  • meet
  • matchup
  • bout
  • fight
  • derby
  • playoff
  • replay
  • rematch
  • engagement
  • deathmatch
  • bonspiel
  • go with
  • coordinate with
  • complement
  • suit
  • be the same as
  • be similar to

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • матч match
  • состязание match contest competition duel tug rush
  • спичка match safety match Lucifer match
  • пара couple pair two match twosome brace
  • брак marriage wedlock matrimony match defect spoilage
  • партия party game batch lot part match
  • ровня match equal peer compeer coordinate
  • достойный противник match
  • подобранная пара match
  • запальный фитиль match
  • огнепровод match
  • равносильный противник match
  • соответствовать correspond match meet fit conform satisfy
  • совпадать coincide match fit concur tally dovetail
  • сочетать combine match mix marry connect conjoin
  • противостоять resist withstand confront counter match front
  • сопоставлять compare match collate contrast balance confront
  • состязаться compete contend match contest strive
  • сравнивать compare liken match weigh collate assimilate
  • подгонять match urge hurry rush prod goad
  • сосватать match
  • женить marry marry off wed match espouse splice
  • подбирать под пару match pair
  • пригонять bring fit gather fit in true match
  • выравнивать align level level off flatten equalize match
  • противопоставлять oppose contrast contrapose set against match set off
  • подходить под пару match
  • отождествлять identify match
  • отождествляться identify match
  • выдавать замуж marry marry off give in marriage wed espouse match
  • сватать match
  • случать pair serve service match
  • случаться happen occur be match take place chance
  • спаривать mate pair couple match
  • подбирать под стать match
  • спариваться mate pair copulate couple match tread
имя прилагательное
  • спичечный match
  • равносильный equivalent equal tantamount match

примеры использования

  • I can see in your eyes that you and I, we may have a match in our souls.
  • The feather of the quill was swaying rhythmically and its movements seemed to match the timing of the president’s breathing exactly.
  • Baby Brother fell forward, the icy floor no match for the fire in his lungs.
  • He lifted the boy’s eyelids and held a lighted match before the eyes.
  • At first, she only felt despair, but eventually, the level of hatred she had developed for her sister had grown to match it.
  • In the sunlight, the color of her hair was extraordinary, strands of gold glinting, and her teal eyes were a near-perfect match to the stones the other priestesses wore.
  • Another peal of thunder rang from above, and Rew saw a shopkeeper throw up his hands, snuff out the match he’d been about to light his lamp with, and storm inside his shop, closing the door behind him.
  • She flipped open the access panel hidden underneath the maker’s plate, and adjusted the speed to match that of the celestial spheres the machine modelled.
  • It was not to Mik’s taste, but he supposed it was a traditional take on a games room, with a snooker table, and its own bar in matching mahogany with a row of optics to match.
  • You are trying to match our fight for survival with your personal obsession.
  • She will be an asset on the marriage market for us one day, if that beauty holds, but it will be our own maneuverings, Nesta, not hers, that win us an advantageous match.

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