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имя существительное
  • parcel
  • packet
  • container
  • box
  • wrap (up)
  • gift-wrap
  • pack (up)
  • parcel (up)
  • box
  • encase

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • пакет package packet pack batch parcel bundle
  • упаковка packaging packing package pack wrapping boxing
  • посылка parcel premise package premiss
  • пачка pack packet tutu package sheaf bunch
  • сверток bundle package parcel roll clot
  • упаковочная тара package
  • тюк bale pack package parcel
  • место багажа package
  • кипа bale pile stack pack package
  • расходы по упаковке package
  • пошлина с товарных тюков package
  • упаковывать pack package pack up incase wrap encase
  • оформлять draw execute formalize format package get up
  • фасовать package prepack prepackage
  • обрамлять frame edge encase enframe rim package

примеры использования

  • In some cases, an acceptable clean peel was determined by simply separating the top layer of a paper package and rating the degree of fiber tear.
  • We learn on the package that these peanuts have been packed exclusively for Icarus Airlines, and - both front and back - we get the logo of the Nut Company.
  • a package of peanuts
  • ‘He got me a present,’ the short-haired youth muttered, staring in disbelief at the wrapped package in his hands.
  • It had wonderful pictures and images from the timeframe, a good essay by Mark Lewis who is a leading Beatles expert, and it's a very good package .

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