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имя существительное
  • parcel
  • packet
  • container
  • box
  • wrap (up)
  • gift-wrap
  • pack (up)
  • parcel (up)
  • box
  • encase

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • пакет package packet pack batch parcel bundle
  • упаковка packaging packing package pack wrapping boxing
  • посылка parcel premise package premiss
  • пачка pack packet tutu package sheaf bunch
  • сверток bundle package parcel roll clot
  • упаковочная тара package
  • тюк bale pack package parcel
  • место багажа package
  • кипа bale pile stack pack package
  • расходы по упаковке package
  • пошлина с товарных тюков package
  • упаковывать pack package pack up incase wrap encase
  • оформлять draw execute formalize format package get up
  • фасовать package prepack prepackage
  • обрамлять frame edge encase enframe rim package

примеры использования

  • ‘What treatment package is he on?
  • A security camera had picked up Fragile carrying a package that looked suspiciously like a bomb.
  • I put the package in my bag, next to the other skin, and close the zip.
  • Jon appeared and dropped off a package of dry goods.
  • She’s making a mental note to write it down later, and package it up as a poem.
  • A young woman has picked up the treatment package.
  • Anyone leaving with a parcel was scrutinized by the clerk in such a way that if the man was not honest he dropped the package and ran away.
  • ‘I forgot,’ she says, ‘a package came for Liam.
  • My little package needs a ride, son.
  • He would show them that he was so poor that he could not even buy himself a package of cigarettes.
  • ” Having said this, he turned round and called back to the house: “Zeferina, bring the caballeros cool water and a package of cigarettes, marca Argentinas, and matches.

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