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имя прилагательное
  • incomplete
  • partial
  • half
  • semi-
  • limited
  • inadequate
  • insufficient
  • unfinished
имя существительное
  • bit
  • slice
  • chunk
  • lump
  • hunk
  • wedge
  • fragment
  • scrap
  • piece
  • portion
  • proportion
  • percentage
  • fraction
  • separate
  • divide (in two)
  • split (in two)
  • move apart
  • to a certain extent/degree
  • to some extent/degree
  • partly
  • partially
  • in part
  • half
  • relatively
  • comparatively
  • (up) to a point
  • somewhat
  • not totally
  • not entirely
  • (very) nearly
  • almost
  • just about
  • all but

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • часть part portion piece section proportion fraction
  • роль role part character
  • деталь detail part piece component member feature
  • доля share proportion fraction percentage portion part
  • сторона side party hand part way aspect
  • партия party game batch lot part installment
  • член member term part limb
  • дело case business matter point deal part
  • часть тела part of body part organ region
  • том volume part tome book
  • серия series range batch part suite chapter
  • выпуск issue edition output issuance outlet part
  • края part parts
  • обязанность duty responsibility obligation office business part
  • пробор parting part
  • участие в работе part
  • местность terrain locality country ground community part
  • доля в работе part
  • тридцатая часть модуля part
  • способности aptitude head part
  • голос vote voice call vox organ part
  • орган organ organ agency part limb
  • частью part partly in part
  • частично partially partly part in part fractionally partway
  • отчасти partly part somewhat some sort of in some measure
  • расставаться part part company
  • разделять divide share separate split up partition part
  • разлучаться separate part
  • разделяться divide separate split up part segregate dispart
  • отделяться separate detach divide secede segregate part
  • отделять separate set apart detach dissociate divide part
  • уезжать leave go depart move away go off part
  • умирать die perish be dying go expire part
  • разлучать separate part sunder sever
  • расступаться move aside part break
  • расчесывать на пробор part
  • разнимать separate pull apart part set apart disjoint joint
  • платить pay give disburse stump up render part
  • делить share divide carve partition whack part
  • делиться share divide share out whack divvy part
  • разрывать tear break burst sever disrupt part
  • разрываться tear break burst rive part

примеры использования

  • To omit what Paul himself would have regarded an essential part of his life seems rather offensive.
  • death is part of life
  • It is seen as a key part of the gameplan for next year's general election.
  • I wanted to grab a brush and comb from my purse and give grandma a part on the right side of her hair, the way she liked it.
  • the goalkeeper played his part

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