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  • frequently
  • often
  • again and again
  • over and over (again)
  • time and (time) again
  • time after time
  • many times
  • many a time
  • persistently
  • recurrently
  • constantly
  • continually
  • regularly
  • oftentimes
  • oft
  • ofttimes

другие переводы

  • неоднократно repeatedly time and again on repeated occasions repeatedly refuse many a time and oft
  • повторно repeatedly time after time
  • несколько раз repeatedly on several occasions

примеры использования

  • He had been repeatedly struck by a profound sense of isolation, like he and Lou were shut off in their own little world.
  • He began an aggressive tirade, jabbing his finger repeatedly in the direction of the citadel.
  • By striking repeatedly at his flint he discovered he was back in the temple as the Brass God had promised.
  • They stood and wailed, clapping their hands repeatedly to their heads in grief.
  • She repeatedly rubbed damp palms over her hips.
  • Those who were reluctant or who simply found themselves at the back of the pack were hit repeatedly.
  • He had to scurry back to his chains repeatedly as the light died.

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