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имя существительное
  • nonsense
  • balderdash
  • gibberish
  • claptrap
  • blarney
  • moonshine
  • garbage
  • hogwash
  • baloney
  • jive
  • guff
  • tripe
  • drivel
  • bilge
  • bunk
  • BS
  • piffle
  • poppycock
  • hooey
  • twaddle
  • gobbledygook
  • flapdoodle
  • crapola
  • bunkum
  • tommyrot

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • мусор litter rubbish garbage trash refuse sweepings
  • хлам trash rubbish junk stuff lumber rummage
  • чушь nonsense rubbish drivel garbage hooey tripe
  • вздор nonsense blah rubbish baloney humbug rot
  • ерунда nonsense bullshit rubbish baloney bollocks tosh
  • белиберда rubbish nonsense balderdash
  • отстой sludge sediment settling rubbish residue dreg
  • фигня stuff rubbish
  • отребье rubbish waste
  • ахинея nonsense rubbish drivel galimatias
  • пустая порода waste gob burden burrow rubbish dirt
  • галька pebble shingle beach boulder jack rubbish
  • закладка bookmark marker bookmarker backing stowage rubbish
  • деньги money cash currency dollars coin rubbish
  • превращать в обломки rubbish
  • ломать break break down fracture destroy snap rubbish

примеры использования

  • They pick up things, as you know, items from people they’ve encountered and killed, rubbish they’ve stumbled across.
  • Diamond Eye tipped his wings and circled the eyrie rim, rooting out the soldiers who’d sought shelter in the piles of rubbish.
  • She’s rubbish at poker because she always looks delighted when she gets a good hand.
  • Much of the rubbish had been gathered up into a bonfire on the northern shore, where the island’s small birch wood filled in the space between wall and cliff.
  • He ducked over the far side of the wall, rolled and stumbled down its slope onto the eyrie rim, scrambling through the ruins of black-powder cannon, around the cranes that dangled over the edge, through the rubbish and detritus.
  • Yes, says Sunetra, and a rubbish one at that.
  • The lesser bailey within the gatehouse was cluttered with rubbish.

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