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регулировочные шайбы

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • шайба washer puck shim collar spacer rove
  • клин wedge gore key gusset shim chock
  • тонкая прокладка shim
  • заклинивать trig shim key

примеры использования

  • You do it in several passes cutting an inch or so with each pass; otherwise you can wear out shims prematurely.
  • To install retrofits in this type of frame, the old sash is removed, stops are installed if necessary and the new unit is attached to the old wood frames with shims and screws.
  • Then he worked on her cycling shoes, placing shims under the cleats to tweak the angle of shoe to pedal.
  • Alignment of the two irons presented a problem, as indicated by the presence of thin wooden shims in two places.
  • If it were an older refrigerator I would be worried about the nylon shims under the doors wearing down but you shouldn't have to, just make sure to put them back where they came from.

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