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имя существительное
  • width
  • breadth
  • depth
  • diameter

другие переводы

имя существительное
  • толщина thickness depth gauge gage fatness
  • толща thickness the thick
  • плотность density thickness closeness solidity consistency hardness
  • слой layer bed coat stratum sheet thickness
  • густота density thickness depth substance
  • утолщение thickening thickness boss bulb nub node
  • обилие plenty fullness loads loads of riches thickness
  • тупоумие stupidity hebetude thickness lumpishness
  • тупость stupidity dullness obtuseness crassness bluntness thickness
  • косноязычие thickness tongue-tie

примеры использования

  • The thickness of the stones varies according to personal taste but they are usually between 9mm and 10 mm.
  • The selection depends on the design and thickness of the wall.
  • The author says that no pipeline, regardless of wall thickness , is impervious to failure.
  • Each floor has an oblong chamber with a small room and spiral stair in the wall thickness at the seaward end.
  • Architects found ways of making more use of the width of the theatres by moving passages to the outside of the building and placing stairways within the thickness of the walls, thus leaving more internal space for seating.

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