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  • stroll
  • amble
  • saunter
  • walk
  • dawdle
  • potter
  • ramble
  • meander
  • roam
  • rove
  • range
  • drift
  • prowl
  • traipse
  • mosey
  • tootle
  • mooch

другие переводы

  • блуждать wander stray err rove straggle divagate
  • бродить wander roam ferment prowl ramble stroll
  • скитаться wander roam rove vagabond range stray
  • странствовать wander roam itinerate range rove stroll
  • мотаться dangle wander fuss about
  • забрести wander drop in
  • заблудиться astray stray go astray lose wander lose oneself
  • бредить rave wander wander in one's mind
  • отклоняться deviate digress deflect depart diverge wander
  • покружить wander circle round and round
  • забредать wander
  • покружиться wander turn round and round
  • проплутать wander
  • стать рассеянным wander
  • стать невнимательным wander
  • стать непоследовательным wander
  • извиваться wriggle squirm coil meander serpentine wander
имя существительное
  • странствие wandering wander pilgrimage peregrination wayfaring rove

примеры использования

  • Every now and then, though, they wander out or we accidentally wander in.
  • She knew it only because she’d had little more to do during those initial weeks as High Fae than wander this palace like a ghost.
  • Deadman had also heard that if Sam lost the ha that would be repatriated back into this world, then he would be doomed to wander the Seam between worlds forever.
  • After he threw that useless gun back to the ground and began to wander the beach once more, he heard a voice.
  • Just as people in the world of the living incinerated the bodies of the recently departed, to deprive their soul of a place to wander back to and give them their period at the end of their sentence.
  • This leisure, though, made his mind wander again.
  • If Sam dealt with Lou here, then at least Lou wouldn’t be cursed to wander around with the rest of the dead.
  • Do not wander.
  • Didn’t wander.
  • You can laugh it away as the delusions of a mad man if you like, though, since no matter how many times I wander the Beach, I never find my wife and daughter.
  • Her very soul quaked to wander its halls.

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